2 Episodes

The Multi-Task program is designed for IMC or Advanced Master Class prescribed Online Studio members for days when more than one hour of the method just isn't possible for your schedule. This class combines 30 minutes of muscular structure mat work and 30 minutes of level-2 cardio in one comprehensive hour. During the muscular structure component, you will find key strategic sequences from the current week's classes which have been selected to help you master the mechanics of the latest content while allowing time for additional cardio. Throughout the high-impact cardio component, you will follow minimal choreography and achieve a high calorie burn.

Tracy's prescription: The Multi-Task class can be followed 3 times per week at maximum, and is not intended to substitute the full strategy behind the IMC or Advanced Master Classes. The high-impact cardio component of Multi-Task will be delivered once a month, and archived for you to access on rotation no more than 7 days repetitively.

High-impact cardio tips: We strongly recommend performing any high-impact cardio using our Cardio Fly Super-G Floor which minimizes impact while enhancing results with it’s joint friendly, shock absorbent capabilities. (Learn more about our installation services, here: Unless you are dancing on the Cardio Fly Super-G Floor, please adhere to the following guidelines to reduce the risk of injury, shin splints, or the overuse of hip flexors or other muscles:

- Please wear proper footwear.

- Please do not repeat the same cardio class more than 7 days repetitively. Our archive of cardio classes is available to provide you with options.

- Stay connected to yourself! It is important to pay attention to your body. As you age, too much cardio can have adverse effects on your hormones and/or appetite.

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